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The Hunter’s Guide to Butchering, Smoking, and Curing Wild Game

This book really is a great gift for your loved one who adores hunting in all its forms. Not only that but the price won’t break the bank either.

The Hunters Guide to Butchering, Smoking and Curing Wild Game and Fish does precisely what it says on the cover.

It is exactly what every hunter needs to get the best use from their catches. The book itself is available as a Kindle edition or as a Flexibound book, so it can be used around the home or in the field, whichever is the most convenient.

The Flexibound version has a full 224 pages filled with useful information dealing with how to field dress and butcher large and small game including birds, saltwater and freshwater fish to produce a safe and delicious food source for all the family.

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Detailed information about The Hunter’s Guide to Butchering, Smoking, and Curing Wild Game

The sections covered in the book include how to choose the correct hunting knife and how to prepare a field dressing toolkit. Once the tools are sorted there are then lessons on how to skin and dress the catch whether it is something as large as bear or elk or animals as small as frogs.

There are lessons on how to pluck game birds and waterfowl to remove all the feathers or if fishing is the hobby of choice, how to fillet and clean the fish. Once the various types of meat have been dressed and butchered the lessons move on to how to prevent the carcases from spoiling until they are safely in the freezer at home and how to stop the meat from being contaminated with various pollutants. When the meat is safely back home, the book explains how to preserve it by detailing the various methods; drying, freezing, smoking, curing, canning and corning.

If the chosen option is freezing, the book will explain how to prevent freezer burn from forming.  There are recipes for bear stew, stuffed opossum, roast pheasant and much more. There is even a section on making wild game sausages.

  • Full and extensive instructions on how to handle all kinds of game from skinning and cleaning to cooking and serving
  • The brilliant book gives really useful and interesting information that no self-respecting hunter and chef should be without
  • Gives full details on how to deal with some of the more unusual game you may come across such as alligator, snake, frog and beaver