Zippo Hand Warmers with Easy Fill Technology

When one is out and about in the winter, whether it is watching winter sports, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, walking the dog  or just plain walking to work, the intense cold experienced in winter can work its way through the best of gloves. That’s when it is worth investing in a Zippo Hand Warmer.

This neat little device is made from Zippo, the same company that produces the iconic Zippo cigarette lighter so you know it will be a good quality item.

It is slim and sleek and fits into the smallest of pockets to give the user constant warmth for a full six hours or twelve hours if you choose the larger version.

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Detailed information about Zippo Hand Warmers with Easy Fill Technology

The hand warmer is fuelled by Zippo Hand Warmer Fuel which is low odour or just plain old lighter fuel will do. In fact anything that will fuel a Zippo lighter will also fuel the hand warmer as long as you don’t mind a few fumes.

It comes in a range of different finishes and colours; Blaze Orange, Chrome, Chrome Silver, Matte Black, Pearl White, Pink and lastly Realtree AP Camouflage. As mentioned earlier there is a choice of six or twelve hour heating and there is also a choice of a gift set including a chrome Zippo lighter, chrome Zippo hand warmer and a 4oz can of Zippo hand warmer fuel.

The hand warmer comes with a fill cup to help reduce fuel spills. Fill the cup with fuel and gently pour into the hand warmer. Once the fuel reservoir is full, insert the catalytic burner in the top and hold the unit horizontally. Light the catalytic burner with a lighter or match.

  • Uses any fuel that a Zippo lighter uses; lighter fuel, naphtha in fact anything that is liquid and burns. But if a low odour is required then use the special hand warmer fuel.
  • Comes in a six hour and a twelve hour version but reviewers say that these burn for longer than stated.
  • A range of attractive finishes.