The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants

For the general outdoorsman, whether as a hunter, survivalist or general forager, this book could be just what is wanted.

Just nine inches tall, it is small enough to slip into a rucksack when out and about. This little guide is intended to be an in depth guide to edible plants worldwide. It identifies those plants that are poisonous and those that are edible. To be able to properly identify which are edible could mean the difference between surviving and a very uncomfortable and painful death. This book was developed by the United States of America Department of the Army and lists the habitat and distribution of wild plants; the physical characteristics of wild plants and which parts of the plant are edible.

Easy identification of wild plants could not be accomplished without colour photographs and this book has over 100 of them to help assist the serious forager; however there are also black and white photos together with pen illustrations of some plants which make it very difficult to identify some of them.

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Detailed information about The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants

The publisher’s review states that this is a ‘complete guide’  and it is in the sense that the scope is worldwide, but because the geographical scope is so large the book is unable to go into the required detail to make this vital information useful. Reviews from many other readers tend to agree with this opinion.

Yes the plants are found all across the world and the book differentiates them into climate regions such as temperate, tropical, desert, tundra etc, but unless you intend to go on a world trek this generalisation is just not necessary. It would be highly unlikely that someone would buy this book and then carry it with them on a trek around the world.

  • Good as a guide for the complete beginner
  • An affordable price
  • From an authoritative author who should know their stuff
  • Tries to provide information for the whole world in a small paperback book