The Outdoorsman Gift Set of Four Spices

What on earth do you buy as a gift for the outdoorsman who has everything? Why not try this gift set of four spice and herb rubs for meat and fish. The product is made and sold by High Plains Spice Company; a small family run company from Colorado in the USA.

The gift set provides a range of rubs for game meats but can be just as easily used on domesticated meats such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. The custom blended herbs and spices will compliment all the wild game and domesticated meat recipes that are used in the kitchen or on the barbeque. The blends can even be used for smoking meats and when making sausage too.

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Detailed information about The Outdoorsman Gift Set of Four Spices

The company chooses the different herbs and spices from their suppliers, some of which are worldwide. They then carefully mix the different blends to find the perfect ratio to produce the most mouth-watering meat you could imagine. Because the company does all this work, it means that their products can be used by anyone not necessarily a professional chef.

Each of the four glass jars hold approximately 0.5 of a cup of blend and each label is done by hand. All the herbs and spices are fresh and the company goes out of their way to ensure that only the best and freshest ingredients end up in their products.

  • Perfect selection of herbs and spices to compliment both game and domesticated meats
  • All the difficult work of blending has already been done by the company. All the chef has to do is add to the meats for a mouth-watering feast
  • The different blends in this gift set cover the complete range of game meats and fish