PROBABLY BEER – Enamel Coffe Mug: Funny Gift Idea

Most people like to have a favorite cup or mug that they can call their own. And one that is durable and able to withstand knocks and impacts is even better than ever. That is where The Probably Beer – Enamel Coffee Mug from Swag Brewery comes into its own. This useful enamelled metal mug will hold up to 16 fl.oz of anyone’s favorite beverage.

It may be coffee, tea or cocoa, it may be beer or cola, and it may be whiskey or just plain water. Whatever the recipient of this lovely gift prefers to drink, will fit inside this useful enamel mug. This is a mug for the outdoorsman rather than for one who is content to slob on a couch all day. Each enamelled mug (and there are seven different slogans, one on each of the mugs) shows a funny or witty motto or slogan that will guarantee to raise a smile from almost anyone.

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Detailed information about PROBABLY BEER – Enamel Coffe Mug: Funny Gift Idea

Slogans such as “May Contain Alcohol” or “Probably Beer”, “Probably Whiskey” or “Probably Wine”. You know what kind of preference your man likes so choose from the complete range and buy one for him. The mug is about 4” diameter and 3.5” high and has the slogan printed on both sides. On the bottom of every mug is the logo of Swag Brewery together with the advice “Please indulge responsibly”, “Hand Wash Only” and “Do Not Microwave”. So you now know the limitations the manufacturer will put on the owner of this fine mug if you decide to buy it for him.

As you can tell from the slogans that are available, this mug is good for holding any type of beverage or snack, whether it is beer, wine, whiskey, soup, coffee, tea, cocoa, cereal or oatmeal, the list is almost endless and can be anything edible or drinkable that the owner can think of.


This mug is a rugged and durable mug that is perfect for holding any kind of beverage

Made from enamelled rolled steel with long lasting and high quality printing

There are seven different logos to choose from