I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie Funny T-Shirt

These fun Tee Shirts are just what the hunter in your life needs. You know he can’t be bothered to choose good slogans tee shirts so why not do it for him? These Crazy Dog branded Tee shirts are completely designed and printed here in the USA. They are printed using modern state of the art equipment combined with the best grade genuine plasticol inks, so you know the colours will stay bright and last for a very long time.

These Tee shirts are the best gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, birthdays, or even for no occasion at all except that it is the best graphic tee shirt you can buy and the prices are so good that you might even buy two or more.

There are six colours to choose from: Black, brown, green, grey, navy blue, red.

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Detailed information about I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie Funny T-Shirt

The sizes come in ‘small’, ‘medium’ and  ‘large’ as you might expect but did you know that they carry on getting larger ‘X-large’, ‘XX- large’, ‘3X-large’, ‘4X-large’ and even ‘5X-large’! You know now that you can buy one for your loved one no matter what his size.

The tee shirts have a slim fitting so if you want it for a friend who is between sizes then buy the next size up. If when it arrives you find that it doesn’t fit then it is no problem to return it for an immediate exchange. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

  • The people at Crazy Dog go out of their way to produce a tee shirt with a slogan that people actually want to wear
  • The retailer specialises in tee shirts of the best quality
  • Crazy Dog Tee shirts have slogans that will always get a laugh and start a conversation.
  • The retailer offers discounts for buying more than one