NIV Outdoorsman Bible Leathersoft Brown Red Letter Edition

Before the outdoorsman goes out to hike or camp or maybe to fish and hunt, he or she always has to check their gear to make sure that everything is in good working order and that there is everything packed that is needed to have a pleasant and a safe trip. It is important to make sure that the physical life is cared for at times like this, but how many people think about the spiritual life as well. When he or she is about to get their gear ready for the trip into the natural world why not buy this book to help them through the time away from civilization.

The NIV Outdoorsman Bible written by Zondervan and edited by Jason Cruise is the perfect way to relate the interests of hunting, fishing and the outdoor life with the Bible and the Scriptures.

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Detailed information about NIV Outdoorsman Bible Leathersoft Brown Red Letter Edition

It includes devotions that tie directly to the sports of hunting, fishing, backpacking, or any outdoor activity and will provide a way for the huntsman (or woman) to give their personal devotion as well as provide a short piece for a small group discussion. The NIV Bible is fully bound with imitation leather and features text from the New International Version (the most popular version of today’s English Bible). It includes 26 pages of personal devotions with questions for personal reflection and small group study if so required.

There is an introduction from the editor, Jason Cruise who is the President and Founder of the Outdoor Ministry Network.


Great little book for the outdoor sportsman or woman who wishes to continue with their Christian beliefs while living in the wilderness

Useful book for those who feel part of the Great Plan and want to express it