In Pursuit: Devotions for the Hunter and Fisherman

If you know a hunter, fisherman or general outdoorsman who would appreciate some spiritual lessons, why not give them this little book as a devotional with a difference.

Every hunter or angler is familiar with the moment when the success of the hunt hangs in the balance. The adrenaline is surging and the heart is pounding and in that instant they know whether the hunt has been successful or not and they will experience the buzz of victory over the kill or the agony of defeat when the animal returns to the wild.

This little book of 90 Christian devotions is available as a paperback or in Kindle format  so can be used both at home or in the wilderness and is filled with 208 pages packed with spiritual lessons written in a format that an outdoorsman will appreciate and find easy to read.

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Detailed information about In Pursuit: Devotions for the Hunter and Fisherman

In fact it is aimed at the kind of person who feels at ease in the wilderness.  One of the book reviewers states that the book is aimed at everyone who enjoys the wild places and wild creatures and hopefully each and every one of them will benefit from this book.

It is true that God is in the wild places and this little book uses that fact to help the outdoorsman to come to terms with their own spiritual path.

  • This beautiful book leads the reader through the Christian Scriptures in a way that is easily readable for the average outdoorsman
  • There are 90 Christian devotionals within this book and its 208 pages are packed with lessons written in an understandable format
  • It tries to blend the thrill of the kill with the gentleness of the Christian scriptures
  • This book of devotionals is published in a paperback format and also in a Kindle format