Elk Ridge ER054CA 85 Inch Fixed and 5 Inch Folder Hunting Knife Set

Every outdoorsman needs a strong and sharp knife. Whether it is used for gutting fish or cleaning game it has got to be guaranteed to be sharp but safe when not in use. If his preferences lean more away from the killing hobbies and more towards hiking or camping, the outdoorsman still needs a knife to cut branches, rope etc.

If you have a man who loves the outdoors life and needs a good sharp knife for whatever reason then consider buying this for him. Elk Ridge is supplying a two knife set, one is an 8.5” fixed blade and the other is a 5” folding blade.

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Detailed information about Elk Ridge ER054CA 85 Inch Fixed and 5 Inch Folder Hunting Knife Set

The steel used for both blades is pure 440 grade stainless steel with the fixed blade being 4mm thick while the folding blade is 3mm thick. The fixed blade also has a useful gutting hook attached. The handle on both knives is 4.25” long and is colored with a camouflage pattern. Not only that but both knives have a lanyard hole at the end of the handle so they can be tethered safely to the user at all times with no fear of them becoming lost or being dropped. The product doesn’t end there however; the knives come with a black nylon sheath to make carrying them easy and safe.



The pair of knives is a great gift for the person who loves the outdoors

The blades are made from 440 grade stainless steel

There are two knives in this set; one folding and one with a fixed blade

The fixed blade knife has a gutting hook moulded into the blade