Marble Coasters For Drinks

There are many different types of coaster available on the market. Some of them are very staid and boring and others are comic and fun. These coasters from YogaCoaster are arguably some of the nicest and funniest coasters we have seen in a long while.

They are not only made from really attractive slabs of marble that feel so good when touched or held, but they also have an imperative yet humorous quote printed on the surface. This should be all the instruction that anyone needs to use their coaster and not mess up the lovely tabletop.

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Detailed information about Marble Coasters For Drinks

The coasters in this set (and there are four of them) are made from real marble with a cork layer on the side that is in contact with the table.

On the top side of the coaster, you will find the message informing your guests that they must use the coaster “Don’t F*** Up the Table”.

This set of four coasters will make a superb housewarming gift for loved ones or maybe as part of a wedding present. If you have bought a new piece of furniture and don’t want it damaged then consider buying these to encourage everyone to respect the tabletop.


This is a really high-quality set of four marble coasters with a humorous message printed on the top side

They have a cork layer fixed to the underside to protect the furniture from scratches


Not dishwasher safe

Not to be exposed to acidic beverages