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Magna-Tiles 3-D Magnetic Building Tiles

When it comes to kids, nothing pays off like keeping their time preoccupied. Creative and imaginative plays are quite vital and important part of their childhood. These activities encourage child development, and through imaginative plays, children are able to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

That said, if you have a child or young kids in your life, they could be your own, or nephew, nieces, or grandkids, these magnetic building tiles from Magna-Tiles will be an excellent gift and a perfect pastime activity for them.

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Detailed information about Magna-Tiles 3-D Magnetic Building Tiles

Nothing sparks curiosity in kids like an imaginative play that engages their young minds by combining creativity, math, and science in one. These magnetic tiles give them a fantastic opportunity to dream and come up with their own creations. You can imagine the adorable smiles, pride and the great feeling of achievement after they manage to build action figures, cars, dolls and many other exciting and incredible things.

The 3D magnetic set comes with 100 translucent, colorful pieces of different shapes including square, triangle and 3D shapes such as Prisms, cubes, and pyramids. Each shape has a base that measures approximately 3inches. The tiles are built to last for years; they are durable and made of safe materials for kids.


The set comes with 100 pieces of 3Dtiles

Compatible with other original sets of Magna-Tiles

Contains 9-free-moving magnets

Gives endless opportunities for creativity and imagination