Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland 12 Flavor Tea Variety Pack

Disney awakens the best memories of any person. They are known for their creativity and the best fantasy movies ever made. Also, they never run out of ideas for products that will flare up the imagination in every child’s head. This product comes straight from Disney’s chambers and it is an Alice in Wonderland 12 flavor tea set. It can be bought as a gift for a child’s birthday. It is a wonderful and delish tea set that features nesting package with 96 tea bags in 12 sweet flavors. This tea set will make a great gift and will make sure everyone gets their cup of delicious tea.

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Detailed information about Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland 12 Flavor Tea Variety Pack

The wonderland tea set is packed beautifully in a colorful box that looks really attractive to the eye. At first sight, everyone will wonder what's inside it! On the other side, people will assume there is something sweet buried beneath the package. The goodness in it would not disappoint anyone because 12 flavors are enough to match the taste of many people. Caffeine lovers will enjoy the black and green tea because they are naturally caffeinated while the other flavors are only herbal.