Stranger Things Demogorgon (Open Face) Action Figure

Stranger Things hit big and commanded the attention of fans everywhere when it premiered on Netflix 2016. It brought about eighties nostalgia, horror stories, scary scenes, and childhood adventure and it’s possibly one of the most amazing shows so far. Even though it came back for round two in 2017, the wait for season 3 feels like it has lasted forever for the fans.

However, July is not for far, but until then here is something that will satisfy the longing cravings for the obsessed fan in your life who is deep into Hawkins and Upside Down lore. The collectors of Stranger Things merchandise will dig this Funko Pop keychain featuring the exact figure of Demogorgon with an open face.

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Detailed information about Stranger Things Demogorgon (Open Face) Action Figure

Anyone who is crazy about this show would be ecstatic to own this keychain. They would be delighted to bring with them Demogorgon wherever they go and feel like they are traveling to the Upside Down with him. After all, he is one of the favorite monsters in the show, and the fact that he has been scaled down to an adorable small sized pocket pop makes it this little keychain a favorite addition as a collector's item.

The Funko keychain measures approximately 1.5 inches, and it features the tall frame of the show's monster, Demogorgon. It comes in a window display box which can also be kept as memorable collectible together with the keychain. You can use it as a keyring or to hold a USB drive or pin it on your backpack or display it in your Stranger Things collectibles.


Designed with great details to look like a smaller version of Demogorgon

A quality, durable keychain

Makes a great addition as a collectible

Comes in a display box