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MadSportsStuff Soccer Socks

These soccer socks from Mad Sports Stuff reach up to the knee just like real soccer socks and come in multiple colors. The socks have an image of a soccer ball on the calf and a bright distinctive color chosen from a selection of seven different designs and colors.

The socks are designed with padding and support in just the right places to make playing soccer a pleasure. They are lightweight and have a double welt on the top, heel, and toe as well as having antimicrobial Alphasan infused into the sock to control bacteria and prevent odor.

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Detailed information about MadSportsStuff Soccer Socks

The socks aren’t just about good looks though. They come in a range of sizes suitable for all people imaginable.  The fibres are 77% polypropylene, 17% nylon, 3% elastic, 3% Lycra Spandex.

These socks are just what any soccer loving person (no matter how old they are) needs in order to enjoy their chosen game. Even though they are really designed to enhance the wearer’s game, they can be used in other sports or they can even be used as regular socks in normal walking shoes just as much as inside soccer boots.


These soccer socks are designed to provide support and padding in exactly the right places on the player’s feet

There are seven different colors that are offered

These come in different sizes to correspond with male and female, junior and adult shoe sizes