7″ Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports

Made of lightweight, durable polyester, this bag is easy for your gift recipient to throw into their suitcase and head out. Easily folded, it takes up very little space in a trailer, RV, camper, or car trunk. This bag is a wonderful alternative to traditional, heavy, full-sized, standing golf bags, and perfectly meets all of the basic needs of every golfer out there.

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Detailed information about 7″ Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports

No one can play a round of golf without a ball and a set of clubs. These are the essentials of the game, and every single golfer needs them. But also, you need a way to carry them from place to place. That’s where this handy 7" Sunday Bag comes into play. A simple and easy bag, it is perfect for traveling and for shorter courses where a full complement of clubs is not needed.