Harley Davidson Patent Wall Art Prints – Set of Four Photos

Harley Davidson has quite a reputation. The bikers are not just enthusiasts, but they are also dedicated fans who demonstrate their loyalty beyond the company’s range of motorcycles to its merchandise.

And so, it goes without saying that if you have to please a Harley Davidson fan, you will have to shop for a gift that matches their dedication and shows their allegiance.

The good thing about a majority of Harley Davidson merchandise is they don’t just display the company’s brand name, but most are thoughtful, and any Harley rider will be thrilled to receive them.

In our search for a fitting home gift for this group, we came across this vintage Harley Davidson patent wall prints by BigbWig Photos.

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Detailed information about Harley Davidson Patent Wall Art Prints – Set of Four Photos

Nothing will scream “I love Harley Davidson” like displaying these prints on your favorite space. Harleys motorcycle has a rich history, and the company has come along away since 1903.

Harley’s engine has been powerful ever since its first patent construction on Nov. 23. 1920. But it is always improving and has gone through tremendous changes and construction.

These improvements and designs have been captured perfectly in this patent wall prints up to July 3, 1928, when the cycle support of the engine was invented.

This print is a display of a set of four unframed reproduction patent prints which capture a century of American Motorcycle history. All the photos measure approximately 8x10 inches, and as mentioned, they are unframed.


Quality vintage patent prints displaying a century of Haley Davidson motorcycle history

Printed on a premium grade paper

A great gift item for Harley Davidson fans