LuminoLite is a clip-on LED book light that was featured in the LA Times as the perfect gift for any book lover. It features 4 bright LED lights, assuring even light distribution. However, for even more control there are two brightness settings for low light or high light which allow users to control the light level. The lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing the user to take it anywhere and use it whenever. The battery can be recharged through a USB cable and an adapter charger, both of which are included.

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Detailed information about LuminoLite

The light features a clip-on clamp and a flexible neck for added ease of use. Users can attach the lamp to either the book or an area behind them to shine a light on the book. The flexible neck allows users to adjust the direction of the light so that it shines over specific spots. It’s made of plastic, ensuring it is durable but also lightweight and compact. It’s the ideal gift for travelers!

This clip-on light is great for travelers that like to read on their journeys. It’s great to use on public transportation, such as, planes, buses, trains or anything else that may dim the lights at night. With this light, users can enjoy their book without disturbing others. The rechargeable battery also allows users to read in areas where there is limited or no electricity. For example, if they go camping. There is generally no electricity or enough light to read, but readers simply need to clip this light to their book and then they’re free to read away. The best part is, battery is made to hold up to 10 hours of power before it needs to be recharged! That’s more than enough time for reading a few chapters before bed.