Loft Retro Wood E27 Edison Table Lamp

This is a unique table lamp that combines loft style and retro design to achieve an elegant home or office decoration piece that is not only functional but stylish and a perfect reflection of one’s personality. This lamp exudes luxury, and the vintage theme will always remind the giftee of the beautiful old days when castles and the huge traditional houses had these kinds of lamps as the centerpiece décor.

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Detailed information about Loft Retro Wood E27 Edison Table Lamp

It features a minimalist design yet it can dress up the room and make an elegant design statement. When it comes to table light, the primary function is to provide ample soft lighting and give the space a boost. They are an easy lighting solution when in need of task lighting and create a beautiful ambiance with a romantic setting.

It is compact and portable which means it can be placed in any location, in every room. It will look elegant in the bedroom, or study room. It can be used as a decor accessory in the living room.


A retro style wooden table lamp with a vintage twist

An elegant piece of home décor

It's portable

Emits warm, soft and deep light


Not well packaged