Liquid Ass

As April Fools is coming up, what better than to start thinking about all the pranks and tricks you’re gonna pull on the your loved ones, bosses, coworkers, and even the enemies you hate?! Finding just the right thing can sometimes be a little difficult, luckily we know of something that would be the perfect thing to do! What is this said thing? Well, it is Liquid Ass!

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Detailed information about Liquid Ass

Now, one thing to mention right off the bat is that this product needs to be handled with extreme caution and extreme care. You may almost want to wear gloves in case it accidentally gets on your skins, as well, let’s just say it may be either worse or probably equivalent to getting sprayed with skunk spray. Liquid Ass is pretty much almost exactly what it sounds like. No, it is not actual human fecal matter liquified into a bottle. What it really is is a factory made liquid that smells just like what ‘liquid ass’ would smell like. Think of the smell of porta-potties plus really, really bad B.O. and well, you have Liquid Ass!  The bottle itself only has 30ml but only one small squirt can go a really long way!