Lindt Holiday Deluxe Assorted Chocolate Truffles

There is nothing quite like a delicious box of chocolates to say so many things to a loved one. Chocolate can say “I’m sorry” or “I love you” or “Let’s put our feet up and relax” or maybe just say “Thank you”. So many different emotions can be communicated with a lovely box of chocolates.  At times like these, it is only right that the chocolate should be made by the masters, and it is considered that no one in the world makes exquisite chocolate like the Swiss, especially Lindt.

These truffles by Lindt are just what you have come to expect from the Master Swiss Chocolatiers who produce these wonderful dainties.

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Detailed information about Lindt Holiday Deluxe Assorted Chocolate Truffles

The box is a 20.7oz gift box filled with an assortment of famous Lindt chocolate truffles. They include Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate, Extra Dark, Dark Caramel Sea Salt, and Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Truffles. When you bite into one of these beauties all you experience is a mouthful of smooth, luscious and melting Lindt chocolate.

You can buy this box of Lindt chocolate truffles for a loved one as a gift or for the family to share, either way, you won’t have experienced chocolate truffles like these unless you have already had the superb chocolates from Lindt.


Superb Swiss chocolate truffles from Lindt

An assortment of their famous chocolates

A mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate to share with your friends and family