KINGSO Vintage Edison Bulb 60W

Vintage is in again and these Edison bulbs are here to prove it! These bulbs will make the perfect new addition to the home. The KINGSO vintage Edison bulb 60watt incandescent is perfect for any kind of a house or an apartment.  They can be purchased in one, two, four or six packs to best fit the space. The bulbs have an awesome squirrel cage filament and are dimmable as well. These are bright and provide nice and soft light too. The most amazing thing about these bulbs is that their glass is designed to be shaped exactly like the Edison shape. If the buyers are looking for a cool gift, the vintage and trendy bulb just might be it!

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Detailed information about KINGSO Vintage Edison Bulb 60W

These bulbs are great for using in pendants, wall sconces both, indoor or outdoor, or even for lamps that don't have shades. One thing is for sure if someone invests in these bulbs they surely won't regret it. They can be used to bring a softer light into the house, including bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms. or even commercial spaces like coffee shops or restaurants. People will wow over how cool these bulbs look. They will bring a historic accent to even the most modern spaces.