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Just Rocks in a Box – 16 Colors

Do you know someone who looks after little children? Maybe you know a school teacher, nursery or daycare supervisor? Or even someone with a large family of kids under twelve years old? If so, this would be a welcome gift for them and their little ones if you bought them this amazing box of colored crayons. (These crayons might even be used by older children or adults who enjoy expressing themselves on paper, perhaps an art student or even a professional artist!)

The ‘Just Rocks in a Box’ from Crayon Rocks has sixty four non-toxic crayons in sixteen different colors. Each crayon is made from natural soy wax and molded into a pebble shape designed to comfortably fit into the palm of a little one’s hand. This pebble shape strengthens the tripod grip muscles and improves motor coordination. Each crayon is approximately 1.25” x 0.75”so it will prepare young fingers for the task of holding a pen or pencil.

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Detailed information about Just Rocks in a Box – 16 Colors

The box itself holds far more crayons that could ever be used by one or two children; it is intended for groups of twenty four kids and will probably even last that group up to a year even if they use them every day. These crayons are really long lasting and will not break as easily as regular pen-like crayon sticks.

The crayons themselves give beautiful and textured markings similar to oil pastels so you know these will encourage kids to express their imaginations.

As with all small items that can fit in the mouth, it is recommended that children under three years of age do not use them due to choking hazards.  Make sure that all users are appropriately supervised depending on their age and ability.


These crayons are specially shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand to encourage the use of the tripod grip needed for holding a pen

The colors are vibrant and the crayons are durable

A box of sixteen colors will probably last a class of twenty four children for about a year