Solar System Crystal Ball with Lighting Base

Looking for a cool gift for a kindred spirit you know who loves physics or space? The Solar system Crystal ball could be a thoughtful gift for them. The half ball white or black is an elegant item to have in any office or bedroom. This would make for a wonderful night light beside your child when he or she sleeps and give them room a nice appeal. It would make for a splendid gift for your child’s 4th or 5th birthday just when they are about to delve into the splendors of the universe at school.

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Detailed information about Solar System Crystal Ball with Lighting Base

The special 3D design is sure to arouse curiosity amongst your guests and draw praise from them too. The solar system ball consists of the 8 planets in our solar system. It can be held in the palm of your hand easily which makes it easy to carry around. The ball is quite light as well coming in at 290 grams. The bright LED lights also come with 7 colors and 3 models which change automatically. 3 button batteries power the device and can replaced easily.