Impact Men’s Joy Division Unknown Pleasures T-Shirt

Almost everybody out there really loves music and that is exactly why a great band t-shirt can often times be the absolute perfect gift for someone, especially if they are particularly hard to shop for. Joy Division was an English rock band that had originally formed back in the 1970’s. They ended up having a really great punk sound and style which led them to become some of the first participants of the 70’s post-punk movement.

They were signed on to the independent label, Factory Records and they released their very first album in 1979, which was titled Unknown Pleasures. This super cool Joy Division band t-shirt features this debut album’s album cover. In addition to the sweet album art on the t-shirt that was designed by Peter Saville, the band t-shirt also has the band name, Joy Division, written above the album art as well as the album name, Unknown Pleasures, written below the album art.


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Detailed information about Impact Men’s Joy Division Unknown Pleasures T-Shirt

This Joy Division t-shirt is available in black color with the album art as well as the wording above and below the album art in white. The design as well as the words are screen-printed onto the band t-shirt. This is excellent because it ensures the quality and durability of the printed design compared to some other options. The black and white Joy Division shirt is a men’s t-shirt and comes available in multiple sizes in order to fit anyone’s needs.