The End Explicit Lyrics – 2 CD by Black Sabbath

At least everyone has a favorite genre of music. Music is calming and can raise the mood during those dull moments. If you like listening to live music, then band collections must be a part of your music story. The drum rolls, the guitar, and the bass sounds all play the part to deliver crisp and clear lyrics. One of such bands, Black Sabbath, has a collection of exciting tracks that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Also, you could choose audios to gift a Black Sabbath fan.

The music is raw and sounds just as it would if you were in a live concert. Ozzy’s voice is natural and you can be sure there are no edits on the CD. This particular one is the End of an Era and Ozzy sounds even better. If you have followed him for the longest time, you can tell his recent past has been great for him and the band.

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Detailed information about The End Explicit Lyrics – 2 CD by Black Sabbath

The great thing is that Ozzy's voice does not overpower the instruments and every sound comes out clear on its own. If you are a heavy metal fan, then this collection will get you wanting to listen to more of the band’s collection. For the Black Sabbath fans, this one is the icing on the cake.