American Museum of Natural History Birds of North America

We think we can all agree when we say that birds are majestic creatures. From the tiniest sparrow to the mighty eagle, from the black as night attribute of the crow to the colorful feathers of the peacock, every single bird amazed us in one way or another at one point.

But surely there is someone in your life that is a bird lover.

They may have a wide collection of bird-inspired home decoration, wall art and even bird baths to help the dear birds quench their thirst especially under the heat of the summer sun.

And because this particular person in your life love birds so much, we think they will enjoy the American Museum of Natural History, Birds of North America book by Paul D. Hess and David Bird.

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Detailed information about American Museum of Natural History Birds of North America

Accompanying the photos are, of course, birds' way of life such as their nesting habits, flight patterns, and even social behavior.

Each page spotlights a different bird complete with descriptions of their physical attributes and the useful information we mentioned before.

Whether you are looking for information about finches, fly birds, owls, shorebirds and more or just want to admire the uniqueness and beauty of each one, then this bird book is totally for you.


A definitive taxonomy reference book

Includes all North American birds

High definition photos and well-researched information

It is a bit expensive but is totally worth it with the wealth of information jampacked in one single book