Memory Classic: Book Lover’s Memory Game

People that love reading books will always want to associate real-life situations with the lessons from various stories. Most of them will go ahead and play a game together with their friends just to see who understands the stories better. Such book lovers’ games are mind-involving, and each challenge gives the participant a fun experience altogether.

With such a game, you revive the memories of different book characters and having fun while at it. Which, in fact, gives you an overview of books you read in the past? This set of cards from Memory is a hit and would be a lovely gift to book lovers.

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Detailed information about Memory Classic: Book Lover’s Memory Game

The set has 96 cards whereby each displays information about a different book. Those include book covers, characters, quotes, illustrations and portraits of different authors. The Book Lovers Classics Edition of the Memory Challenge allows participants to engage in a fun, challenging activity while creating a library. Players can choose different literary roles such as an Author, Publisher, Illustrator or Editor. Then, they gain points for matches found within the particular profession.

The cards bring a new strategy when playing the game which is a twist making it even more interesting. More to this, you get to brainstorm about the book's distinct stories reminding you of the lessons you learned previously. This set is a suitable gift option for friends that love reading books and playing games together.