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Lightmark Reading Lamp Bookmark

Do you love reading books? If you are a reader, you probably have a collection of your current reads somewhere on your bookshelves. Sometimes, you may find yourself reading one book and keeping it aside before you are done. That is perfectly fine if you use bookmarks so you can pick up from where you left. Also, if you like marking an essential page in your diary or workbook, then a marker is necessary. This one from Peleg Design is cute, and you should consider having one.

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Detailed information about Lightmark Reading Lamp Bookmark

It comes in the shape of a reading lamp and measures 4.3 x 1.7 x 6.7 inches. The size is suitable for use in most standard size books and holds on well during use. The lamp design is creative and looks unique inside a book on a shelf. If you have a few books that you are currently reading, you can use these bookmarks. They will not only mark your last read page but also spice up the style of your bookshelf. The good thing is that you can have them in gray, red and white to create contrast.

If you are getting someone a book to read, why not get this small bookmark for them as well. It may seem like a little gift but it indeed useful. Also, if you also want to keep track of your to-do lists or work diary, then this bookmark will work well for you. You no longer have to fold pages or use papers to mark where you left.