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Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder by Ototo

One of the areas in the house that should maintain a high standard of cleanliness and organization happens to be the kitchen. That is to ensure the food you eat is wholesome and free from undesirable contaminants. The best way of maintaining this is to have everything in the right place and the proper form. So, how do you store your kitchen washing sponge while wet? This Ototo Clean Dreams Kitchen sponge holder is just what you need to keep your washing area organized.

It is a cute little bed with attached pillows and enough space to store your sponge. It lets your sponge drip down water keeping it dry and aired all day. So, with this, you will not have damp pieces lying on your kitchen counter.  It measures 11 cm by 8 cm by 6 cm and comes in white. It has adequate space whereby you can replace the sponge with a standard size of bar soap.


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If you love some style pop in your kitchen and haven’t found a favorable piece, this sponge holder will make all the difference. It sits well on the surface, and you can move it to any location. The white color matches up to existing décor and is bright enough for the kitchen. The plastic material is smooth and easy to clean anytime.