Harry Potter Earrings: 6 Pair Set

Know someone who loves the wizarding world? After all these years Harry Potter remains incredibly popular, in both, books and movies. This 6 piece set is the perfect gift! The love and series can be transcended in a fashion manner. These earrings are subtle studs that any true Harry Potter fan will recognize at first sight. This set of earrings includes Harry’s glasses and his scar, the lightning bolt scar on its own, Hedwig, a nine and three-quarters sign and the sign of deathly hallows. These are classic symbols of the series and are perfect for anyone who is into the story. Also, the set comes with a sixth pair of earrings which are simple diamond studs. The simple studs go perfectly with any of the other pairs in the set.


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Detailed information about Harry Potter Earrings: 6 Pair Set

No matter how many years pass, Harry Potter never goes out of style. It is a dream for every kid and even for adults. We all know at least a few people who are die-hard fans of the movies or the books. It is a perfect gift for people who are fans of the story or aesthetics.  While this gift may not be as good as getting a letter from Hogwarts they are still pretty much a sweet deal.