Hanging Glitter Paper Garlands

A Pink and White party needs some serious party props to make sure the guest enjoy the setting. These amazing paper garlands in pink, white and gold are a great way to decorate your entrances and exits letting the guest know the party starts as soon as you get in through the door. They can also be hanged to form various shapes on walls too!

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Detailed information about Hanging Glitter Paper Garlands

Should you want your party to be beautifully decorated with pink, white, and gold, this paper garland is the perfect addition. The polka dot design has double-sided glitter which makes it even more attractive. It’s a durable design hanging on a sturdy thread. This design is also so aesthetically pleasing you’d want this in your room. If you change your mind, you can just keep this and throw it out again when you feel like you want to be a little too extra.