The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks

Never thought a person could have an entire book to educate them about beer? Now with the Complete Beer Course, everyone can tell one beer from another by just going through this amazing publication. In short, this book displays a crash course on beer. Cheers to beer education 101! Just like wine, beers have their own specific method of production, they have great pairings and different colors mean different tastes. Didn’t know that? Then it is time to widen the beer knowledge. This book is structured to give beer enthusiasts an informative but humorous content to indulge in. It has entertaining insights from where and how the beer is crafted and what’s found in the bottles people drink from regularly!

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Detailed information about The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks

Everyone will be surprised to learn that beer is much more interesting than they previously thought. It is also good to know what they are actually consuming. A person who knows what they are eating or drinking is considered a studious and elegant individual. This guide will broaden the giftee's views and it would give them more of an insight into the beer world. This is a gift that would keep anyone entertained as well!