Karaoke Pop Culture Country Female Volume 2

It goes without saying that there is certainly one person in our group of friends that is just a natural party host. They either have the right home with a nice backyard, great cooking skills and have the best choice when it comes to drinks and music. They organize the get-togethers complete with invitations, party decor and anything else that will set the mood. Now you would think, this special person has everything they need to make their party a success.

Little do they know that there is one thing they have missed: karaoke. When the night draws in and the drinks are overflowing, it is never a bad idea to set the TV up, bring out the microphone, pop in some karaoke CDs and sing along to your favorite songs. This is where “The Singing Machine: Karaoke Pop Culture Country Female Volume 2” comes in.

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Detailed information about Karaoke Pop Culture Country Female Volume 2

Featuring country songs popularized by female artists such as LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill, and the Dixie chicks, the party will surely turn up and have everyone singing. So saddle up, put your cowboy hat on and sing the night away!

This karaoke CD compilation is the perfect gift for people who love hosting parties. It will be a great addition to their already extensive karaoke collection or can even be the start of one!


Includes popular country songs most people know or can relate to

Has a good amount of karaoke songs to choose from


Your neighbors might not appreciate the late-night singing