Black/White Cat Costume & Sleepsuit

These eye-catching and beautiful jumpsuits have a hood with a nose, eyes, and teeth for full effect. They also feature matching chest and tail designs and thus completing a special cosplay look. These can be bought for any upcoming pajama party. The pajamas are in the shape of an animal and are really adorable! The sleepsuit is made of plush materials that are very soft to the hand and keeps the user warm, especially during cold winter seasons. In this sleepsuit comfort, warmth, and fun are perfectly blended together just for the person who wears them. They also come with a button-up closure which allows the wearer to get dressed very quickly. Flexibility is also enhanced by the loose fit and thus allowing the user to easily wear it on top of the clothes they already have on.

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Detailed information about Black/White Cat Costume & Sleepsuit

The pajamas can be found in many sizes that will fit most shapes and heights. They are available in sizes that range from small to x-large. The loose-fitting design of the pajamas will allow the wearer to move freely while maintaining comfort and style. They are one of a kind product that is really hard to find elsewhere. These fun and adorable designs will appeal and amaze both kids and adults.