Hits Of The 80’s 60 Tracks

Music was a quintessential part of the 80’s and this collection of 80’s music tracks are sure to provide a great atmosphere to any themed event. They are also a very thoughtful gift for friends and family. If you have a dad or mom that talks regularly about the beauty of the 80’s or if you want to do the opposite and introduce your children to the 80’s style then this would be a truly awesome gift.

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Detailed information about Hits Of The 80’s 60 Tracks

The set of 60 audio tracks consists of hits like Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Modern love by David Bowie, Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles and much more. It’s divided into four discs and the art cover itself would look great on any living room shelf. Despite it not being in a cassette format, the 80s the discs do offer a bit of the tangible vibe that 80s items usually have.