Escape Room: The Game Fully Reviewed

Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular not just in the US, but also becoming widely popular across many other nations. What is it about them do people like? Is it the thrill? The Suspense? The problem-solving? Whatever the reason, it’s something many people love to enjoy. They like being able to work together in teams trying to solve a way out of a locked room. If you are not familiar with escape rooms, they are rooms that are essentially ‘locked’ and given a certain scenario in which you and your team then would need to ‘escape’ the room within 60 minutes or 1 hour! It actually all started with some simple computer games, but then has evolved to actually being in a physical room! Now, the only problem is you can’t have an escape room in your house, or can you? Well, in the latest craze and the latest evolution of the popular game, you can now do just that; bring it into your home! With that said, we now would like to present to you the Escape Room: The Game!

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Detailed information about Escape Room: The Game Fully Reviewed

So, what is the Escape Room: The Game? Well, it is the classic Escape Room you know and love but with with a twist; it is in your own living room! Now, it is not necessarily an Escape Room in which you think. No, you do not get physically locked in your own living room and are then forced to solve clues, but it is more of a board game. You have a game board in front of you and you are then supposed to ‘pretend’ that you are locked in that room on the board. Then, just like any other escape room, you will then need to solve clues, put the pieces together, unlock certain things, and find the way to escape in under 60 minutes! In this particular game kit, you can do 4 different escape room scenarios; Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and the Temple of the Aztec. The whole game can be played with up to 5 people but needs at least 3 to play. Each scenario also has a different difficulty level so start out easy and be sure to try your luck at the hardest to see if you can get out! Can you make it out alive, or will you die? The choice is yours!