Handmade Over The Shoulder Laptop Bag

One of the leading factors when choosing a gift for a loved is functionality. How will the gift help the individual in their day-to-day life? That said, you ought to select pieces that will come in handy to assist or solve a problem that the person could be having.

How about you get your loved one this handmade leather laptop bag from Urban Leather? It is designed to suit both men and women to carry a laptop and other useful devices safely. It can be a lovely gift item to appreciate a friend or family member.

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Detailed information about Handmade Over The Shoulder Laptop Bag

The bag is made of full grain Aniline leather which is known for its versatility and durability. It is tough while new but gets softer with every use. The material is processed by applying a single coat of oil and rubbed to finish up the look. With leather products, each might have a different tone due to the natural grains. One thing to be sure about is the genuine quality of the bag.

The bag has three different compartments to provide space to carry essential files and devices. The first one is designed to organize small gadgets and items such as a mobile phone, hard disk, pens, keychain, etc. The second part is designed to carry the laptop. This section has shockproof padding and a sturdy strap to secure the computer in place. The last section is meant to hold books and folders.