Harley-Davidson – The complete History – Hardcover

This book compiled by Darwin Holmstrom is the quintessential gift for the die-hard Harley-Davidson aficionado.

It gives a poignant and interesting glimpse into the motorcycle giant’s history using words as well as imagery.

They are so well-known that most people can pick out a Harley just by the way it sounds coming down the road, there is no need to even see it to know that it is there.

However, this beautifully documented and photographed book lets the reader see in chronological detail what the years have brought to this most iconic of motorcycle brands.

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Detailed information about Harley-Davidson – The complete History – Hardcover

Harley-Davidson is arguably one of the most iconic, beloved, and easily identified bikes on the road.

From the very first collaboration of William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the year 1903, on through over 100 years of steadfast innovation that continues to the present day, this trendsetting bike maker has pushed the envelope and solidly been one of the leading manufactures of one of the most sought after bikes the world over.

For any Harley owner, having this encyclopedia of Harley Davidson history at their fingertips would likely be a dream come true. There is literally something for every motorcycle lover in this hardcover, 240-page book.


Hardcover with 240 pages of script and photographs

Covers the history of the Harley-Davidson company for a complete history

Pictures of some of HDs classic motorcycles through the decades