GUND Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animal Plush

Look at this GUND plush stuffed Grumpy Cat and tell us if she isn’t just so adorable! Besides, is there anyone who doesn’t truly love Grumpy Cat?

Well, we can’t answer that question conclusively, but all we know is that Tardar Sauce is the sweetest, cutest and most lovable cat on the internet.

The permanently furry frown facial expression just makes you want to hug and embrace her all the time to take away the grumpy face.

Now, what would be a better gift to a cat lover in your life than this plush Grumpy Cat?

We believe this will be an amazing gift and it will without a doubt melt the recipient’s heart the moment they receive it.

So go ahead and surprise your kids, daughter, niece, sister and anyone else in your gift list who loves cats.

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Detailed information about GUND Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animal Plush

This will be the best thing to happen to a cat lover as they can go on the internet and show off their love for this popular kitty with their own version of Grumpy Cat.

The 9” plush seated cat is incredibly soft and its a replica of the internet’s favorite cat, Tardar Sauce, the source of various ill-tempered memes thanks to her grouchy facial expression.

The plush toy is made from high-quality materials. The surface construction is washable which makes it pretty easy to keep the toy clean when messes happen.

It can be played with for years to come while still maintaining its flair through regular cleaning.


A replica of the real Grumpy cat capturing all the intricate details

It's soft, cute and huggable

Made of premium materials

Easy to clean


The packaging is not desirable