Electric Heated Socks for Men

Socks play a vital role in our daily life. It protects our feet from injury, gives us warmth in those cold, bitter nights, or just to simply express yourself by using it as a fashion accessory. But now that we are in the era of technological advancements, some bright minds have come up with an amazing invention that is beyond imagination.

Check out the Electric Heated Socks for Men from MMLove – thermal socks that can be recharged and have amazing features that will help you get through extreme cold when outside hiking, playing winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, or when you suffer from certain ailments such as arthritis and poor circulation, which may give you a chronic case of cold feet.

This amazing and revolutionary pair of socks is made with cotton and spandex which makes it comfortable for daily use.

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Detailed information about Electric Heated Socks for Men

The temperature levels are Red: 3-3.5 Hours (High), Orange: 4.5-5 Hours (Medium), Green: 6-6.5 Hours (Low), which you can achieve by a click of a button.

These socks come in free size, which means it will fit almost any feet, men or women – this is due to the fact that the socks are made of cotton and spandex material, which gives it its stretchable feature.


Rechargeable, and lasts for hours

Readjustable; 3 levels of temperature are available

Made with high-quality cotton and spandex, very durable and comfortable

Has a very discreet design, batteries, charging ports are well placed so you won’t feel that much of a  difference compared to conventional socks