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Grass Flip Flops – Summer Beach Grass Simulation Sandals

Well here is a gift that nobody will see coming. These grass or lawn simulation thongs are sure to make an impression at the beach, lounging on the patio, by the pool, or wherever they happen to be worn.

When everyone is missing the summer sun and the luscious feeling of walking on a soft and luxurious lawn in bare feet, putting on a pair of these thong sandals just might be the answer. This is your basic thong with a twist! What a quirky selection gift, right?

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Detailed information about Grass Flip Flops – Summer Beach Grass Simulation Sandals

The footbed of these sandals is covered in soft simulated grass so every step gives the experience walking through the grass on a summer’s day, even if it is the middle of October.

These would also be a fun and quirky item to toss in the beach bag as they are waterproof and perfect for letting a person experience a walk on the cool grass even when walking on the hot sand.

These flip flops are unisex in style and come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from size 1 (fitting feet up to 7.7 inches long) all the way up to size 9 (fitting feet up to 10.8 inches long) and every size in between.


Lightweight with herringbone tread that will prevent slipping

Soft simulation grass will feel great on the feet

Comes in two colors and 9 sizes

Easy to clean