Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll

Photography is an art, and it takes time to learn the rules of the game. Most beginners can attest to the fact that starting on digital cameras can be difficult if there is no previous encounter with them. It’s even worse that most of the photography guidelines have jargon which makes it hard to learn. But, this book, ‘Read this if you want to take great photographs’ is comprehensive and is designed to help people learn their way of taking lovely pictures.

The book has five sections including composition, exposure, light, lenses and seeing. All these sections explain the stages of setting your camera to having a high-end image. Also, it has pictures from pro photographers such as Henri Cartier which define the points and help to build creativity for the readers.

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Detailed information about Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll

The book has a simple design with clear points to encourage readers on ways to take professional photos. It does not have graphs or tech-related diagrams which could be confusing to beginners. It is a simple book, yet it is packed with all the information you need to start photography. It makes it an excellent gift for someone interested in taking photos but isn't exposed to the world of digital cameras.