Aluminum Tripod With Bag

Here is a really nice gift for anyone into taking photos. This great little tripod can be a great gift for a professional photographer or just anyone that takes a lot of pictures. It is highly adjustable with a maximum height of 61 inches. In addition to going all the way up to a height of 61 inches, it can also be folded down to a height as low as 19 inches. This gives a great range of height for good versatility. This allows you to easily adjust the tripod to the perfect height you need for a photo. The height adjustability is far from the only versatile aspect of this great tripod, though. In addition to changing the height, there’s also a lot of versatility when it comes to changing the angle.



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Detailed information about Aluminum Tripod With Bag

The mounting plate for the camera of this tripod can easily be moved into almost any position allowing you to point the camera up, down, or at almost any angle. It also pans well going all the way to either side as you prefer. It is easy to control with the attached handle.

The mounting base for the camera that this tripod comes along with has a standard ¼ inch mounting screw that should fit almost every camera easily. Of course, nowadays, smart phones have truly incredible cameras that can take super high-quality photos.