Set of 3 Green Waterproof Notebooks

Ever need to jot down notes but you are stuck in the rain? Or carry a notebook around but it gets ruined after being dropped? The Cosmos Waterproof/All-Weather Notebook is the solution to such problems and is a great gift for police officers who need to be able to take notes all year round. This durable notebook is very hard to ruin and will keep notes safe even if dropped in a puddle or used in the rain or snow.

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Detailed information about Set of 3 Green Waterproof Notebooks

This 5-inch by 3-inch top wire-o spiral notebook has 50 tear-out pages to be used however you want! Keep these 4 oz notebooks close, and never even realize they are there because they are so light. Take notes, keep it with you at all times, and worry about a soggy notebook or smeared pages again.