Computer Gaming Glasses – Gameking

Anyone who sits in front of a computer screen, either at work or in leisure time (or both) will eventually start to complain of tired and gritty feeling eyes. This is mainly due to the artificial blue light constantly being emitted from these screens and other LED light sources. Blue light is one of the shortest wavelengths that humans can see and is actually just about everywhere as it is emitted by our sun, tv screens, computer displays, smartphones, tablets, LED lights and fluorescent lighting.

Certain filters placed in front of the eyes help to filter out the harmful blue light and increase visual performance.  This glasses from Gameking provide an amber tinted lens that protects the eye from too much harmful blue light and also stops 100% of harmful UV light.

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Detailed information about Computer Gaming Glasses – Gameking

The lenses also have a coating to repel fogging, oils and stains. They are easy to clean and are scratch resistant. The frames are durable, flexible and are virtually unbreakable. They are light (weighing about 22g), easy to wear and are made from EU and FDA food grade plastics. They have an ergonomically designed nose support ensuring a comfortable fit and less pressure on the nose.

If you have someone in your family who regularly works or plays in front of a television or computer display screen or who is exposed to constant fluorescent lighting, don’t you owe it to them to buy a pair of Gameking computer glasses?


Helps protect the wearer’s eyes from harmful blue and UV light

Helps to reduce headaches, eyestrain, sleep disorders, and many other problems

They look stylish and are virtually unbreakable