Friends Don’t Lie Waffle – Ladies Short Sleeve Classic Fit Tee

In the Netflix Original series, Stranger Things, Eleven and Mike form a solid friendship which is further cemented and made strong when they say to each other “Friends don’t lie.” This phrase is one of the most memorable quotes in the show, and any fan of this series can relate with it. It’s also great advice for anyone to live by.

So why not help diehard fans spread the word to the rest of the world with this stylish ladies’ short sleeve T-Shirt? It would the perfect way to show their love and allegiance for the show and express how they keep it real.

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Detailed information about Friends Don’t Lie Waffle – Ladies Short Sleeve Classic Fit Tee

It would make a great addition in their wardrobe, so grab one for your teen daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter or Stranger Things obsessed friend. The T-shirt has well cut short sleeves, and it's a classic fit for women. Its femininely cute and would look good on anyone for social or indoor wear.

The tee features a heart-shaped waffle across the chest and black lettering that reads “Friends Don't Lie." When it comes to Eggo waffles, no one can beat Eleven’s obsession. So, what a better way to show this fact, than wearing a tee shirt with this catchy phrase and the infamous waffles.


Stylish T-shirt designed for a relaxed fit

Available in a lovely color

Available in different sizes