Fred LUNCH BUGS Zipper Sandwich Bags

What’s better than a plain old zipper sandwich bag? A zipper sandwich bag that’s designed to look like it has a bug in it! Stop people from accidentally taking your sandwiches or simply use them to play a prank on someone. Whatever the case, these zipper sandwich bags by Fred & Friends are a fun gift to give to friends and family!

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Detailed information about Fred LUNCH BUGS Zipper Sandwich Bags

The case comes with 24 zipper bags each of which features 1 of the 2 repellent designs. When a sandwich or any other food item is placed inside it looks as if there’s a bug sitting on top of the food. This is great for kids who enjoy the funny and disgusting aspect of the design. It makes their lunches more interesting and will draw a lot of attention in the lunchroom. All the other kids will want one just like it to gross out their friends!

It’s also perfect for adults who share a communal fridge in their work area. Often times, sandwiches and sandwich bags can look the same which leads to coworkers accidentally taking food that isn’t theirs. Yeah, you could write your name across the bag but that’s boring. Instead, why not slip your food into these hand zipper bags and be sure that no one will want your bug infested sandwich.