Loud and Clear Get the Hint Sticky Note Tags

If you have a child, friend, or sibling who is going off to college, starting a new job, changing careers, or even getting married or starting a new chapter in their lives, then these ‘loud and clear, get the hint’ sticky notes are just the gift for them. They are fun, unique and a great addition to someone’s office, especially if they have a sense of humor.

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Detailed information about Loud and Clear Get the Hint Sticky Note Tags

Each pack has five mini pads of 20 sticky notes. Each of the five pads has something different. On the ‘get the hint pack,’ the five sayings are: love it!; really?; no way!; WTF?; and whatever. There are colored arrows: orange, red, light blue, dark blue, and green, respectively on each of the pads to point at whatever they are trying to get across. This is a gag gift and should not be used in an actual professional setting, but these are great around the house or work from home office. The ‘loud and clear’ set has five pads and sayings as well which are: fuck this, fuck that, this is fucking urgent, don’t fuck this up, and fuck yeah.