Fisher-Price Green Power Wheels Dune Racer

There are a bazillion different kinds of toys you could potentially buy for your child. With all the options, it may seem overwhelming to figure out a great gift for them. You gotta find something that is appropriate for their age and something they would even be interested in. Finding that perfect gift can take a lot of work. Instead of having you do all the hard work, let us help you out! We here at That Sweet Gift are professional ‘gift finders’, and we will help make your job easier. We love to dig down deep and find the best gifts possible, and then present them to you. With that said, as an idea of what to buy your child for either Christmas or their Birthday, we now present to you the Fisher-Price Green Power Wheels Dune Racer!

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Detailed information about Fisher-Price Green Power Wheels Dune Racer

This particular Dune ‘racer’ or buggy is not what you would expect from a ‘normal’ version. This version is designed for smaller kids in mind and it operates on the more ‘safe’ side. This particular Dune Racer is in the color green. The company does offer other colors, but the other colors do cost differently. This version costs about $252. The wheels are designed with rough terrains in mind as they are equipped with special traction that can drive on hard surfaces, and wet grass. If there's anything bumpy or rough in your backyard or wherever your child drives, the car will most likely be able to handle it. In the box, there is a 12-volt battery, a charger to charge up the battery, some screws and locknuts, an assembly wrench, a sticker sheet to decorate the car, and lastly, the instructions. The frame itself is made out of a steel frame with safety in mind. The car itself can hold up to 130 pounds. On the sides of the vehicle, there are meta sidebars that provide a stable hand support for your child. One of the special features of the car is that it is equipped with a special electronic power lock braking system, that as soon as your child takes his foot off of the pedal, the car will automatically stop. The car can reach speeds of up to 5 mph with a minimum speed of 2.5 mph.