Anki Overdrive Remote Control Car

Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, celebrations, and anything else you can possibly think of are reasons to get your child something special. Finding the perfect gift may seem like a lot of work; you gotta hunt down the right deals, search for what’s popular, get the wrapping paper, as well as find something that your child doesn’t have yet. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes even frustrating. We here at That Sweet Gift have taken all the ‘looking and finding’ you need to do to find a gift, and we now present to you the Anki Overdrive!


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Detailed information about Anki Overdrive Remote Control Car

Anki Overdrive is a remote-controlled car, but before you ask “why would I want another remote-control car?”, let us tell you why this particular remote-control car surpasses all the others. Anki is an intelligent battle racing system. By being intelligent it means that they can learn tactics on their own. Yes, you drive them, but the more you drive them the better they become. And yes, you do get to build your own track. Each car has its’ own artificial intelligence built inside which makes it stand out. They are small, but they do pack a powerful punch. Not only do these cars race, but they even battle. From the controls on your smartphone, you can select a wide array of weapons that include plasma cannons and flamethrowers. Another great thing you can do with the cars is that you can even set up an A.I to drive against you in case you have no one to race. But be warned, the A.I gets smarter each time you try and beat it. In total, there are 4 different race modes: Battle, Race, Time Trial, and lastly, King of the Hill.